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About Us

No one protects your hands better than we do.

About PSC Hands Safety LLP

PSC Hand Safety LLP is a specialist Hand Safety company distributing and marketing the most complete range of hand protection products to the oil field industry. Unlike other vendors, our focus is on mitigating risks associated with hand injuries while handling tasks in oilfields, platforms, and yards in the oil & gas industry. We brought Impact Gloves to India in 2009 and are the largest distributor of gloves for the oilfield selling over 10000s of pairs annually. PSC also introduced its Hands-Free tools in 2014 and is one of the largest distributors worldwide.

Exhaustive Range

Our exhaustive range of hands-free safety tools help minimize/eliminate hand injuries at workplaces. Be it off shore or onshore, you will find them all with us.

Result Oriented

We focus on outcomes and our customers’ satisfaction. Our dedicated team for handling customer relations ensures that we deliver not just the products, but also cater to the post-sales assistance to them for their seamless experience is using our products and services.

Innovation on the Edge

In an environment with the highest risk of injuries and fatalities, it is important to cater to innovative tools for minimizing risks. Our approach is dynamic and with lots of existing tools, we ensure that every new threat/ challenge is refuted with innovation and new tools.

Quality Service

We have a track record of catering to numerous satisfied customers. All thanks to our robust products and QA team that ensures the quality. Not just strong and resilient tools, but also our service delivery has a quality par excellence.

Trusted Brands

All of our hands-free safety tools are branded from renowned worldwide manufacturers. Many of them are imported from countries such as the U.S.

Values Safety

We focus on workers’ safety and our entire system is designed and created to achieve it. We have envisioned an industry ecosystem, with zero injuries reported, and we strive to achieve it.

What is Hands-Free?

Personnel not touching a suspended load (with any part of the body) that is connected to a mechanical lifting device is Hands‐Free. That is any load that is being lifted or before the load is properly set down and all potential energy is released.

Why Hands-Free?

Hands injury represent over 50% of all injuries in the workplace. Many injuries can be minimized if not eliminated with the use of the safer methods of handling suspended loads and use safer lifting apparatus, work practices and tools. The objective of Hands‐Free lifting is to eliminate hand and finger injuries by removing them from the energy source – and avoid all caught between, struck‐by and struck‐against incidents. Hands and fingers represent a tool that enables you to do wonderful things with them, and unfortunately there are no spare parts for these if you damage them.

An oil platform and rig

The First Choice for Customers

Unlike other suppliers who are just a source, PSC Hands Safety LLP works with limited high-potential customers providing the most complete range of solutions to minimize downtime, enhance production and improve workplace safety. Our product range is not determined by what generally sells in the local markets, but by products that have set a benchmark in safety, at various locations throughout the globe, making a difference in every organization we have served so far.

With over $5 million of annual revenues, stay assured that our investments are completely vested in your workplace safety.

Numbers speak for themselves

Meet the Team

PSC Hand Safety LLP is committed to providing the best experience and support when you buy the PSC Hands-Free Safety Tools. All team members have experience handling a large oilfield safety business and exports and can provide dedicated support to customers looking for our product range. The team is well-versed in international packaging and shipments via DHL and freight forwarders.

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