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Hands-Off Tools

PSC Ezy-Lift Pipe Lifting Tool


  • Avoid hand and finger injuries while handling pipes. Sharp edges can cause lacerations and cuts. Lifting from surfaces can cause pinched fingers. Improper lifting can cause body strain. With the PSC Ezy-lift, just slide the tool into the pipe on either end and lift pipes easily, safely and ergonomically.

  • CNC Machined metal plate coated with a rubber black paint and ‘A’ can handle pipes with thickness upto 4-5 mm.

  • Ergonomic and simple to handle.

    • test


PSC EZY Lift is the new simple pipe lifting tool that’s designed to keep the wrist and hand in a neutral position and avoid strain, prevent pinched fingers and cuts from sharp surfaces, ergonomic design to avoid strain with proper body positioning and lifting. This is a CNC cut metal piece covered with a rubberized coating. We simulated the right way to lift and hold a pipe and the tool is accordingly done to allow a person to keep the wrist in neutral position. The alternative to holding a pipe at the entry and exit that could cause cuts.

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