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Hands-Off Tools

PSC Load-It


  • Light Weight

  • Simple Design

  • Mantains control

  • Keep hands away from injury

  • Custom made S-head/M-head

  • Available in lengths (in feet) - 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 feet


The PSC Load-It Positioning Tool can be used for a multitude of jobs like an extension of hand to move, push or reposition nsuspended items and equipment, grab taglines, wire cables or slings, safely guide, maneuver and position loads like gratings, finished steel products mastewr links, flanges and other heavy components.

PSC Load-It also ensures relaxed body posturing while usage to reduce the risk of back injuries due to manual load stress.

PSC Load-It Mag Head Tool

The PSC Load-It Mag Head Tool (PSC-LIT-MAG008) is a 4 feet fiber glass pole with a pivoting magnet (rated for #80 lbs.) to guide steel plates and steel structural products. This is an extendable telescopic pole that extends up to 8 feet long. It has a threaded locking mechanism which can be used to lock at any length until it gets unthreaded induced by a massive push load.

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