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Hands-Off Tools

PSC Handle-Tech Pipe Lifter


  • The Handle-Tech is extremely strong, has great electrical insulation characteristics and is practically impervious to heat and cold. The finished product is so strong it was tested to live over 1100 pounds, and the durability is just extraordinary. Available for 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 inches pipes and hoses

  • The Handle-Tech (Suction/Pumping) Hose Safety Handles are a ground breaking hand tool designed to improve safety and efficiency for manual handling of many types of industrial hose.


PSC Handle-Tech Pipe & Hose Lifters is the latest product in PSC’s Hands-Free safety range. In many industries, like fracking, for example, there might be dozens of guys dragging pipe and hose around the fields all day long. The hoses are usually too wide to get your hands around. They may be under high pressure, or even filled with hazardous gas or chemicals. The only way to move them is to bend down, hug them to your body and walk while dragging them – often over muddy, wet, slippery or icy terrain. It’s very awkward and unwieldy. You hear about a lot of hand injuries, back injuries, falls, hoses decoupling and hitting people, and other accidents. That’s how the tool was developed.

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