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PSC Guide It Safety Rigger Tagline


  • Its swivel action allows the hook to rotate instead of twisting the tagline, hence enhancing safety during load guiding operations

  • Its High viz feature provides better visibility of the rope in low light conditions

  • Extremely lightweight, the special polyester fibres are reasonably tangle resistant and strong with their unique construction.

  • PSC-Guide It Safety Rigger Taglines conform to EN 353-2:2002 – Personal Protective Equipment against falls from a height – Guided Type Fall Arresters including a flexible anchor line.


PSC Guide-It Safety Rigger Tagline is made of finest polyester fibers in 14mm diameter with a unique ultra-lightweight 25kN galvanized steel composite swivel hook that opens 2” making it easy to attach to the load and comes with a safety latch.

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