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PSC Safeguider High-Viz Anti-Tangle Tagline


  • High visibility orange coated end for easy safe grip and low light applications

  • Quick attach and release

  • Economical alternative to our Polyex PSC LoadGuiderTM Taglines

  • High visibility, impact-resistant nylon casing

  • Excellent control

  • No knots, tangles or cut-offs

  • No trip hazard or risk of being dragged

  • Flexible for easy line storage

  • Made in USA

  • Free Tagline Grabber Hook for retrieving taglines with every 5pcs ordered


PSC SafeGuider High-Viz Anti-Tangle Taglines are specially designed to be a safe alternative to ineffective and hazardous rope when guiding a suspended load. PSC SafeGuider Hi-Viz taglines are tangle-resistant and knot free and feature a high visibility coat to repel corrosive material and can be seen in low-light situations. They always retain their shape and are easily rolled up for storage.

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