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Working Around Chisel and Screwdrivers Becoming a Problem?

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

It has been estimated that almost 20% of all disabling accidents on the job involve the hands. Without your fingers or hands, your ability to work would be greatly reduced. Despite, the infinite positives of having hands/fingers, we lose to give the credit it deserves and somehow, show our indifferences towards it.

"value your hands”
A building which manufactures hands-free safety items.

The injuries that chisels and screwdriver inflict may be less severe but it is too common and alarming to be left alone. Workers working with chisels and screwdrivers put themselves into danger zone, not knowing when their fingers might get hurt. These injuries may be caused due to a defective tool or not knowing how the one is to be used or by accident.

You can give a hundred reason stating how this is not your fault but the situation’s or how wrong it was to make that one silly mistake. But as we say the past can’t be rewind. Likewise, your damaged hand/finger can’t be brought back to its original form, no matter how hard you try. By using a lot of money, you can fix it, but can’t change it into its original form. So, better search for an alternative. Find help in PSC Hand Safety's PSC CHISEL AND PUNCH HOLDER. It is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable, firm grip while keeping the hands away from the contact point. It:

  1. Absorbs vibrations and efficiently resists sparks

  2. Gives hassle-free adjustments with knob at base

  3. Accommodates chisels measuring up to 1" in diameter

Now, Make life easier and safer by using PSC CHISEL AND PUNCH HOLDER.



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