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Construction Site Workplaces Creating More Problems for Workers?

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Despite, the many advancements taken up by the companies ensuring worker safety, load-related injuries sometimes become inevitable. No matter, how trained they are or how great of knowledge they have, load work and workers' injuries seem inseparable. According to the findings from the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), a total of 632 deaths involving 611 cranes were identified from 1992-2006 with which the second leading cause of crane-related deaths is from workers who are struck by the crane load. Out of the 132 crane-load deaths, 14 percent died due to flagging, directing the crane load. The primary reason for this is- the load striking a worker while tilting or the load shifting or rotating into a worker. To avoid this, industries should safeguard their workers' safety by implementing some strategies.

“No work, No progress. Likewise, No workers, No work”
A rocket blasting off in the sky

Loads can be lifted by PSC taglines, but workers find it difficult to GUIDE the taglines. No worker should go through this life-threatening process barehand. To dodge dangerous consequences, use PSC TAGLINE RETRIEVER TOOL. It is designed to safely retrieve taglines without a load handler having to go too loose to a suspended load. PSC TAGLINE RETRIEVER TOOL is designed to help facilitate ‘hands-free’ lifting and improve safety in handling taglines. The tool is a modified aluminum telescope boat hook with a rubber buffer at the other end. The hook end(with a full extension of approximately 2.1m/7ft)is used to retrieve taglines hanging vertically. Whereas, the rubber buffer is used to push against suspended loads to guide them without a load handler having to go too close to a suspended load. Remember, hands safety first.



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