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Find It Difficult To Hold Pipes and Small Loads Now? Use an Alternative.

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

The rate of workers in the EU-227, carrying or moving heavy loads is still high. i.e., approximately 35%. with a high rate of workers involved in lifting loads comes higher risks and with risks come injuries. For many workers, lifting pipes and small loads are a daily part of their day. This can result in injuries and significant loss of health and demands for employee safety.

Teaching workers about safe lifting techniques can help them in reducing injuries but might not completely eradicate them. A small mistake can lead to hand/leg injuries. It may also result in broken bones. First, focus on eradicating this problem and then dream of an injury-free workplace. Save those hands, which you fold for prayers, with which you tie shoes and pull up your boots. Take precautions and prevents injuries from happening.

“stop the disease before spreading”– 

When one is hurt, don’t wait for others to get hurt too, to make yourself sure where the problem lies. Take action before it spreads. Show concern towards your employees. Provide your employees with PSC FINGERSAVER when working with a hammer, supply them PSC CHISEL AND PUNCH HOLDER while they are working with chisels, but when they are working hard in lifting pipes or carrying small equipment give them the gift of using ‘PSC LIFT ASSIST MANUAL LIFTING AIDS’ as a substitute for directly holding the weight with their hands and increasing the risk of injuries. PSC Hand Safety provide you with PSC LIFT ASSIST MANUAL LIFTING AIDS to reduce possible chances of hand and finger injuries associated with lifting and carrying small equipment with bare hands. It can be used with chicken and bop choke valves, pup joints, fishing tools, tubing, deck cargo, etc.


  1. PSC Lift Assist, Single Handle Safelift lift assist sling 75 kids WLL-50mm×90mm long-PSc-SH-100

  2. PSC Lift Assist Double Handle Safelift lift assist sling 100 kids WLL-50mm×1500mm long – PSC-DC-100

  3. PSC Lift Assist Choke Valve Safelift lift assist sling 50 kids WLL-25 mm width –  Psc-CV-100

Take a safe step further, and prevent previous lives from getting injured. 



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