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Injuries? Want to Work in a Safe Environment–the One Without a Hand

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Working in and around suspended loads is common for construction workers. However, most of the time workers are not trained properly or are aware of the difficulties waiting ahead, which results in injuries or sometimes death. To prevent injuries, workers must be properly exposed to their work. Make sure they get all the advisable training and a safe work environment.

“Safety comes first”

It's best to imply a “10 feet rule”.

According to this, no one should be allowed anywhere near the load zone within 10 feet, taking safety precautions in case it falls due to any kind of failure.

Never knowingly wait to get injured, there is nothing more painful than regretting later. Be wise, and take precautions beforehand. suspended loads can be lifted through PSC taglines but directing them becomes a problem. Now, it will no longer be a problem with PSC TRT-3P EXTENDABALE. Safe your hand/finger by using hands-free tools. Especially, while retrieving taglines.

“Be responsible for your safety”
An industrial building.

It is 6 feet long when fully collapsed and extends up to 10 feet in 6” increments which will help you in following the 10 feet rule. The main pole is constructed of heavy-duty fiberglass with a high-strength square aluminum internal extending pole. The aluminum pole is equipped with a patent-pending jiffy patent-pending lock system. The jiffy-lock system allows the pole to be adjusted in 6” increments and is push/pull tested up to 175 lbs. Make your safety your priority.



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