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The Inevitable Issue of Hand/Finger Injuries

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Hand/finger injuries are on the rise. People working in the oil and gas industries suffer from hand/finger injuries the most. Although these workers are well-trained and work in and around a highly heightened workplace, the outcomes still show an increase in the number of hand/finger injuries. Not to mention, the large amount of money it takes to treat hand/finger injuries. Not everyone can afford the expensive treatment. Hand/finger injuries may seem inevitable. However, it may be possible to try to change its outcomes if we cannot foresee future accidents.

Don’t wait for it to happen, take action beforehand"

Hand/finger injuries contributes up to 50 percent of the total injuries taking place in oil and gas industries, according to the sources of occupational health & safety magazines. But at times, it rises up to 80 percent. The saddest part is that hand/finger injuries are on a rise despite the fact that it is preventable. So, less work is done and less focus is paid on reducing or completely eradicating hand/finger injuries from the workplace. in
A manufacturing oil platform.

The problems faced by workers in the oil and gas industries aren’t a secret: the difficulties are well-known. Hands/fingers are the most crucial part of one’s body and the most exploited too. According to the IADC reports, workers rate drops drastically, after working for 5 years in the industry. It’s high time to address this problem on a serious note. A single person cannot change the situation in a single day- it’s a collaborative work of many days and many men. We need to keep an open eye and a comprehensive approach to this problem. Workers working in these kinds of hazardous places need to be educated daily and compulsory safety programs, including safety training once a week, should be initiated by the concerned industry.

We care, we share

We, at PSC Hand Safety LLP believe in hustling hard. And thus, we believe in addressing problems with the same optimistic attitude. We believe in eliminating the problem beforehand and hence, want the very same for the workers involved in manual work. We know that you care. We eliminate these kinds of injuries when we aspire and work to yield high.

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands–one for helping yourself, and the other for helping others."

And we, the family of PSC Hand Safety work to ensure that you can do just both. We care for you because we share the same belief system as you. We work so that you can do your work with no worries. PSC Hand Safety has introduced a wide range of hands-free and hands-off tools that will help you in eliminating hand and finger injuries while handling suspended loads and performing various tasks in the workplace.

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