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Workers Getting Injured Over Suspended Loads–An Increased Alarming State

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

According to the statistics provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labour’s Census of fatal occupational injuries research file, 723 workers in the private sector died by coming in contact with moving objects and equipment- like overhead cranes in 2012. Industries have shown great concern for their worker's safety, especially for those working on construction sites. They have undertaken many measures in order to safeguard their workers' safety and to avoid any kind of tragedy. Workers are trained thoroughly before assigning such work. They have timely sessions too in order to update them with the latest techniques and train them about the newest technologies in the workplace, in addition to how they can safely work with them.

“Walk the extra mile.” –Hawk Lee
A push/pull tool being shown

Despite, all the education provided to them, we have seen an increase in work-related injuries in the past decade and that too especially, in people getting injured overloads which signifies that industries have to walk the extra mile in order to ensure their workers' safety. PSC Hand Safety is providing you with a hands-free alternative, the solution to your worries. Now, there is no need to push the load with your bare hands directly. You can use the PSC SAFEGUIDER AND TAGLINE RETRIEVER TOOL for directing heavy crane and forklift loads. Before, it was difficult to guide and retrieve the PSC RIGTOOLS TAGLINE, but not anymore. Maintain safety distance by using the PSC SAFEGUIDER AND TAGLINE RETRIEVER TOOL. It is light in weight but can push loads right up to 600 lbs. This push-and-pull pole is ideal for maneuvering suspended loads without taking the hand close to the danger zone.


  1. The head has a serrated ‘S’ design aluminum tool that works on the hooking principle on one end and a reverse hook on the opposite end which allows it to be used in both push and pull applications.

  2. In the other version, a ‘C’ head is designed to help with the maneuvering of slung loads.

  3. A dielectric hardwood makes the product safe to use.

  4. The sand dipped in the grip area on the wooden pole allows for a better grip while working with these tools. Now, you get the PSC safe guide and tagline retriever tool in two versions-S and C. Version ‘S’ is advised to use for both push and pull applications. Whereas, version ‘C’ helps you with the maneuvering of slung loads.



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